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Nepal’s development is only possible with the development of hydroelectricity and tourism.Knowing this, Prabhu Urja krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited, the primary company of the Prabhu groups of companies, established this business in accordance with the Company Act of 2063.This company’s approved capital is 205 crore rupees, issued capital is 200 crore rupees, and paid-up capital is 102 crore rupees.

The development of hydropower projects, the sale of electrical energy, and maximizing investor returns are the primary goals of this business.

This company’s primary goal in starting up was to build hydropower projects, sell the electricity they produced, and then provide investors with more and more benefits.

This company is engaging in a variety of hydropower-related activities, including choosing the best hydropower projects for investors interested in the sector, investing in hydropower projects, developing one’s own hydropower, large-scale solar plants, hydrogen energy, manufacturing the necessary equipment and machinery for the hydropower business, offering services of Operation and maintenance in running hydropower projects, EIA-IEE related Works, transmission line related works, generating qualified manpower for Operation and maintenance and involving  them in  the different Hydropower and Energy Sector .

The aforementioned work was produced by the company’s internal engineering staff. This company has agreements with well-known geologists, Hydrologist, environmentalist, survey engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers and has provided various kinds of services for the energy sector of Nepal.

Since the beginning, this company has invested in various hydropower projects. This company has invested in various hydropower projects for its own holding purposes, which are already listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange and trading in the secondary market.

This company will offer all public shares to Nepalese people in the near future, as well as opportunities for them to own the company with a small investment.

Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited, an institutional investor of the Prabhu Groups, owns more than 51% of this company. Prabhu groups own 92% of this company, which includes Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited. The directors of this company are only Prabhu Groups representatives.

By implementing best practices and prioritizing transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior, our company can build trust with shareholders, stakeholders, and the broader community. Our goal is to become the top hydropower holdings company of the country


The vision of a Hydro Holdings and power development company Limited depends is to be a successful and profitable parent company that provides strategic guidance and financial resources to its subsidiaries while maximizing shareholder value.

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